Monday, March 19, 2007

where's my mom?

Monday night:

I've been here all day, raiding the kitty litter and then this crazy lady with a squeaky voice and a bag on her head comes in. I think I know her but she smells funny and not in a good way. Alex was irritated as you can see, but then he is most of the time.

Bag-head lady was nice - she took me out to pee. We walked all the way on the road - how dull. No good smells on the road. I smelled in this one area for a while, but she seemed kinda like she just wanted to walk. So I thought, ok, we walk.

One time, there was this sound like bubble wrap but squeaky and wet. She asked if I like "the frogs" I guess I do. "The frogs" was loud and went on for a while, then we started walking again. Bag-head lady's boots were loud and cloppy.

We all got some belly rubs, but Spike tries to hog, so I just try rolling on him. He gets out of the way pretty fast like jello with a plan!

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