Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday morning

ooh, dog park! DOG PARK! Tasha was there and that's fun. She doesn't like letting me in the car, though. As if I want to steal her human - as if!!

I ran around and then I didn't. I looked at stuff in the water and kinda wanted to get in, but didn't. Then bag-head lady wasn't looking and I jumped in and out again really quick! Ha ha! She missed it!

Then I ran around some more with some other dogs, they caught me and I caught them and they caught me and we were so happy! That silly Tasha just looked at us. Silly Tasha!

Bag-head lady, didn't have a chewie for me, so I will have to raid the kitty litter as soon as those raccoons make me a chewie. Hurry up, raccoons! Niki hungy!

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