Thursday, March 22, 2007

carzy coon cats 2

See? I can still fit under here... I'm not that big!
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crazy coon cats

Oh please. Again with that bright thing. Will you ever leave us alone?
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OMG - DOGPARK!!!!!!!!

yes, yes, YES! Dogpark! I love dogpark! I ran! and chased Sam! Then he chased me and pounced on me and - ooh he so likes to think he's all fierce, but look at me!!!!

Ha ha hahahahaha! But you know what? He's a total softie. I know cause he started kissing me after! Ha hahahaha! I'm so BAD ASS!

He totally slipped me the tongue - EW gross!

But I had fun anyway!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oh, I like this time...

Ear-hat lady came back but no ears! How does she think I will know her without the ears!

She had the yellow hat man, too. I like him. We walked around but no squeaky frogs tonight.

The crazy people who jump around a bunch are up to their usual stuff. Spike kept on nudging the camera to get a pet, while Alex hung out down the hall. This, of course, took away from my petting so I had to put a stop to it.

Ah, that's much better. All it right for now.

The sun came out a bit...

Must I pose? Really this is so embarassing...

Dogpark!!! Dogpark!!

The sun even came out some and made the grass all sparkly and taste really good. Even better than the mud!

Ear-hat lady talks too much and tried to get me in the water again. I like it better when she's not looking!

I chased a chocolate lab and Pepper chased me and I chased Pepper and the lab went away. Crazy old Doc Paul walked with us and Hannah doesn't like to run with me - only with Pepper and only when they are on leashes! That's crazy!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tueday night

here's me getting some belly rubbin and hiding from that horrible bright light. But it's okay if she just rubs my belly.

That bag head lady didn't have a bag on her head tonight! She had ears! Like the Coons! We walked some then she put on Seinfeld and rubbed me and spike's bellies. Spike kept jumping around like a maniac chasing Alex. Everytime he did that I got two handed rubbin.

i liked that... yeah

Tuesday morning

ooh, dog park! DOG PARK! Tasha was there and that's fun. She doesn't like letting me in the car, though. As if I want to steal her human - as if!!

I ran around and then I didn't. I looked at stuff in the water and kinda wanted to get in, but didn't. Then bag-head lady wasn't looking and I jumped in and out again really quick! Ha ha! She missed it!

Then I ran around some more with some other dogs, they caught me and I caught them and they caught me and we were so happy! That silly Tasha just looked at us. Silly Tasha!

Bag-head lady, didn't have a chewie for me, so I will have to raid the kitty litter as soon as those raccoons make me a chewie. Hurry up, raccoons! Niki hungy!

Monday, March 19, 2007

where's my mom?

Monday night:

I've been here all day, raiding the kitty litter and then this crazy lady with a squeaky voice and a bag on her head comes in. I think I know her but she smells funny and not in a good way. Alex was irritated as you can see, but then he is most of the time.

Bag-head lady was nice - she took me out to pee. We walked all the way on the road - how dull. No good smells on the road. I smelled in this one area for a while, but she seemed kinda like she just wanted to walk. So I thought, ok, we walk.

One time, there was this sound like bubble wrap but squeaky and wet. She asked if I like "the frogs" I guess I do. "The frogs" was loud and went on for a while, then we started walking again. Bag-head lady's boots were loud and cloppy.

We all got some belly rubs, but Spike tries to hog, so I just try rolling on him. He gets out of the way pretty fast like jello with a plan!